“Salam” is a common greeting that Muslims use to greet each other, family and friends. The term means “peace” in Arabic. In the Malay language, “Salam” refers to the shaking of hands as a gesture of respect, honour, the warmth of relationships and the bond of community.

Salam Singapore is a community celebration to express our appreciation to all who have contributed to Muis, the Muslim community and Singapore throughout the years. This spirit embodied in the word ”Salam” reflects our aspirations for a more gracious and inclusive society.

The three-day event will be filled with numerous activities that will immerse the visitors into the work that Muis undertakes with its many partners to serve the needs of the family, community and society and help them to live a faithful, harmonious and peaceful life in our richly diverse and cosmopolitan Singapore.
We hope Salam Singapore will further inspire all Singaporeans to contribute towards a confident and resilient Singapore.